Join us for a day long workshop learning everything there is to know about Brassica Seed Production!

In collaboration with the South West Seed Savers and The Real Seed Catalogue, we’re running a workshop led by Kate McEnvoy of Real Seeds, focussing on how to grow, select and process Brassica seed crops. As well as learning all there is to know about Brassicas, there will be a Q&A session – your chance to ask all of your seed-related questions to Kate, an experienced seed producer.

The South West Seed Savers are a group of experienced commercial vegetable growers who are interested in seed and have come together to exchange knowledge, experiences and seed crops. In 2018, SWSS are focussing on saving from two crops (Brassica olereacea and lettuce/endive) so that they can best share experiences and have more in depth training on seed production.

The Real Seed Catalogue is a seed company based in West Wales which specialises in open pollinated varieties. Set up by Kate McEnvoy and Ben Gabel in 1990s, Real Seeds produce much of the seed they sell, making them one of the most experienced agroecological seed producers in the country.

The workshop will be hosted at Shillingford Organics near Exeter on Tuesday 20th February. We’re open to bookings from SWSS and other agroecological growers – please get in touch with Ellen ( if you want to book a place.