Get Growing 04 December 2018

An Interview with Wayne Frankham from the Irish Seed Savers

Where did your passion for seed start? For me it was a culmination of practical thrift, community action – and a working bumblebee which inspired an unadulterated fascination with natures symbiotic relationships and how they can create an astonishing abundance. An abundance which serves mutual benefits for multiple species and organisms – plants/mammals/birds/insects/soil. It was […]

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Commercial Growers 01 September 2021

A seed saving year @ Leen Organics, August

In August’s bumper installment Jason shares his time-saving seed cleaner, rhubarb and custard tomatoes, and the uplifting prospect of an Irish Indian Summer… After that spell of great weather mid-July and having been away for a week there is now a backlog of seeds ready to be processed. Crimson Flowered Broad Bean, Irish Green Pea […]

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Commercial Growers 02 December 2018

An Interview with Kate McEvoy from Real Seeds in Wales

Where did your passion for seed start & how was Real Seeds born?  We’ve been growing seeds for around 25 years now.  We started when we realised that so many of the varieties available to home gardeners had been bred for the needs of large scale chemical farming.  Originally we grew seed for our own […]

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Commercial Growers 30 September 2021

A seed saving year @ Leen Organics, September

In September’s penultimate installment Jason is threshing, drying, picking and processing a plentiful supply of seeds in a seasonal sprint to outwit the changing weather… Its all starting to come together now, literally and metaphorically. Apart from the Cucurbits most of the seed crops are either harvested or at least starting to be harvested. All […]

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Commercial Growers 06 December 2018

Where to Buy Local, Organic Seed this Year

To celebrate Seed Week we’ve brought together a list of producers who are all committed to cultivating, selecting and saving the best possible quality organic seed. By supporting small-scale producers based here in the UK and Ireland you cast a vote for an ecologically sane seed and food system that doesn’t cost the Earth. So […]

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Brewing 14 October 2021

Introducing the Seed Revolution Tee!

A collaboration with artist Isla Middleton for the Seed Gathering 2021 Introducing our Seed Revolution t-shirt range! A stunning set of eco t-shirts born out of the Seed Sovereignty UK and Ireland Programme, which is bringing diversity and resilience back to our seed system. We believe that a food revolution starts with seed.  TAKE ME TO THE […]

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