Commercial Growers 06 December 2018

An Interview with David Price at the Seed Cooperative, Lincolnshire

Where did your passion for seed start? I guess my passion is really for diversity and that is what has fired my enthusiasm for open pollinated seed and seed sovereignty.  I have worked all my life in ecological systems where diversity is effectively nature’s programming language – without it natural systems breakdown.  My work on […]

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Commercial Growers 06 March 2019

Train as a Seed Producer! West of England

  Do you want to create a biodiverse and ecologically sustainable seed system? Would you like to learn more about producing seed on your farm? We believe that seed production is at the heart of seed sovereignty and we have been working with expert seed producers to create a hands-on training programme specifically designed for […]

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Get Growing 14 March 2019

Rare Oats and Seed Trainees: Updates from Wales

The Welsh landscape is well known for sheep. What is often forgotten is that less than 100 years ago this landscape also supported a patchwork of arable and vegetable crops. The seed stores in genebanks tell a story of hundreds of oat, wheat and barley varieties once grown here, with descriptive names such as ‘ceirch […]

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More than just a name! Maria Scholten explains How the culture in agriculture is being lost and why reskilling in seed saving is more critical than ever

To mark Seed Week here in Scotland, it feels only fitting to begin with a celebration of our national staple: the potato. There are potato – or “tattie” – days galore this month. Just a fortnight ago, 500 people attended the Potato Day on the Black Isle organised for the ninth consecutive year by Transition […]

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Commercial Growers 30 April 2019

Budding Seed Producers Get Back to Basics

With Spring in full swing, we’re welcoming our first cohort of growers from the West of England onto our year long training programme in Seed Production! Last week, twelve agroecological growers began their journey to learn more about seed production and how they can incorporate it into their businesses. The training programme kicked off with […]

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Commercial Growers 18 November 2019

Meet the Growers!

Ellen, Regional Coordinator for the West of England introduces you to some of the inspiring seed growers she works with! This year has been a busy one for the Seed Sovereignty Programme. We’ve launched a comprehensive training programme in seed production and considerably widened our network of seed producers. What better way to tell you […]

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