Seeds and people
Commercial Growers 06 February 2023

Seeding Tomorrow

Seeds and people: we have shaped each other. Throughout human history we have chosen the most resilient, most productive, most nutritious seeds. Those seeds have nourished us the following year, and the year after that. Sowing, selecting, saving and sharing seed was an intrinsic part of nurturing plants and people. Yet, in a short space […]

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Commercial Growers 30 April 2019

Budding Seed Producers Get Back to Basics

With Spring in full swing, we’re welcoming our first cohort of growers from the West of England onto our year long training programme in Seed Production! Last week, twelve agroecological growers began their journey to learn more about seed production and how they can incorporate it into their businesses. The training programme kicked off with […]

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Families growing
Commercial Growers 08 February 2023

Northern Seed Stories

For Seed Week, our Northern England Coordinator, Catherine Howell, has gathered stories from some of the wonderful people she is lucky enough to share the region with. Scroll away, or skip to a chapter that catches your eye: Chapter 1 – Seeds in the library, Bradford Chapter 2 – Upskilling seed stewards, Shropshire Chapter 3 […]

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