Get Growing 04 December 2018

An Interview with Wayne Frankham from the Irish Seed Savers

Where did your passion for seed start? For me it was a culmination of practical thrift, community action – and a working bumblebee which inspired an unadulterated fascination with natures symbiotic relationships and how they can create an astonishing abundance. An abundance which serves mutual benefits for multiple species and organisms – plants/mammals/birds/insects/soil. It was […]

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Commercial Growers 03 August 2021

Seed Selling Success for Emerging Seed Sellers

The Organic Growers Alliance is a network of growers, farmers and horticulturalists. This article by Katie Hastings was originally published in their Organic Grower No 55 Summer 2021 Newsletter. The journey from producing your first seed crop to selling it is not so much a straight road as a labyrinth. While growing […]

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Commercial Growers 06 December 2018

An interview with Ellen Rignell at Trill Farm, Devon

Where did your passion for seed start? I became interested in seed during my traineeship at Trill Farm Garden. We grew a crop of beetroot seed for HSL during my first year at Trill and I really enjoyed seeing how a biennial crop transforms from a familiar vegetable to flowering shoots. I then went on […]

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Commercial Growers 01 September 2021

A seed saving year @ Leen Organics, August

In August’s bumper installment Jason shares his time-saving seed cleaner, rhubarb and custard tomatoes, and the uplifting prospect of an Irish Indian Summer… After that spell of great weather mid-July and having been away for a week there is now a backlog of seeds ready to be processed. Crimson Flowered Broad Bean, Irish Green Pea […]

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Commercial Growers 06 March 2019

Learn the Fundamentals of Seed Production at Trill Farm Garden

Interested in producing your own seed? Learn the fundamentals of seed production from Ashley Wheeler of Trill Farm Garden who produces seed for the Real Seed Catalogue. Join us on Saturday 29th June or Saturday 14th September to find out how to produce successful seed crops. There is a real art to producing seed alongside […]

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Commercial Growers 16 September 2021

Seed Gathering Sign-up is now LIVE!

Join us online on the 23rd and 24th of October, 2021 for discussions, workshops and talks celebrating the diversity, opportunities and deep cultural connections of our seeds. The 2021 Seed Gathering – our first ever! – will be held virtually to keep all participants safe and minimise any disruption to programming due to changing pandemic restrictions. However, […]

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