Seed Matters 18 March 2019

Press Release: Small-scale Seed Producers Bring Diversity back to Our Soil

Press Release: From Monday 18th March, small-scale seed producers across the UK and Ireland will be celebrating Seed Week to raise awareness of the benefits of buying locally grown and adapted, organic seed. Seed Week is coordinated by The Gaia Foundation who are leading the Seed Sovereignty UK and Ireland programme in partnership with groups including the Soil […]

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Commercial Growers 17 June 2021

A Seed-Saving Year at Leen Organics – May

In this month’s installment Jason ponders purslane, battles bog mint, and plants a pack of pumpkins in his polytunnel for protection from pernicious possibilities.   It’s the end of April and there is great excitement as the first seed crop of the year, Purslane/Claytonia, comes in. This is where the learning goes up a notch […]

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Commercial Growers 26 April 2022

‘So You Want to Start a Seed Coop?’ Week 4 – Packets, Distribution, and Marketing

This week Wales Coordinator Katie Hastings walks us through the vital steps that come after all that lovely seed is grown, harvested, and processed. While actually selling the seed might seem like the easy bit, there’s a lot more than meets the eye…   Our members are responsible for physically packing their seeds into packets […]

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Regional News 14 March 2019

From Seed Circles to Seed Savers, here’s what’s going on across the UK this Spring

Ellen Rignell and Melanie Fryer tell us about the small-scale seed producers across England, and what’s coming up this spring.   The days are getting brighter and Spring is in the air. The green fingered amongst us have already started to venture out into the garden and prepare for the season ahead. If you’re dreaming […]

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Commercial Growers 20 July 2021

Lunch at Mr Bean’s

Northern England Seed Sovereignty Coordinator Charlie Gray has lunch at Professor Colin Leakey’s house and delves deep into the world of magic beans… I had an unusual May bank holiday this year. Curious to learn more about the incredible work of Professor Colin Leakey, his wife Susan and daughter Tamsin invited me to their family […]

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Commercial Growers 12 May 2022

‘So You Want to Start a Seed Coop?’ Week 5 – Finances & Structure

In the final episode of our 5-part series, Wales Coordinator Katie Hastings guides us through two vital parts of setting up a cooperatively-run seed enterprise – the finances and the structure. See the bottom of this article to links to previous episodes!   Finances    The WSH is set up primarily for growers to sell […]

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