International Network Exchanges

Recognising the value of sharing experiences and knowledge with organisations that are on a similar journey to us, we have coordinated a series of virtual exchanges with projects in the USA to support the re-emergence of seed and grain sovereignty in the UK and Ireland. The process began in late summer, when trainees who had completed our intermediate seed training course were invited to apply for the Exchange programme. The three exchange projects were then chosen by the group based off the themes of Cultivating Celebration and Culture, Growing Diversity, and Building Resilience and Adaptability.

Our European and USA counterparts have developed inspiring and resilient movements, communities of practice and seed exchange networks, and we are creating this opportunity to exchange and learn from some of the leading examples of food and seed sovereignty in practice. This exchange programme has been funded by Farming the Future in collaboration with The Landworkers Alliance.


Growing Diversity

Loss of seed diversity is a huge issue in our seed and food system. Not only do we lose genetic diversity, we lose taste, colour, smell, crop diversity and culinary culture. By identifying particular weak points in our seed stock – which crops are lacking diversity in our available local seed supply, which varieties are missing or disappearing – and collaborating with organisations and networks specialising in those varieties, we can work to diversify the crops we grow and learn about the incredible range of seed that is available and grown all around the world.

Exchange Host: Adaptive Seeds, Oregon



Building Resilience and Adaptability

As our climate changes, so too must our crops. On this exchange, we will focus on ways in which other communities are trialling seed that is more resilient and more adaptable to extreme weather conditions. Focusing on a key food crop, we will then look to replicate in our networks as a next step.

Exchange Host: Wild Mountain Seeds, Colorado


Cultivating Celebration and Culture

How are other networks connecting their wider communities with the work they’re doing? What ways do they come together to celebrate the stories and cultures behind their seeds? By connecting with organisations leading the way on innovative seed events, we can develop methods of embedding the importance of seed wider and deeper into our networks, community and culture.

Exchange Host: Culinary Breeding Network

What’s next for our Growers?

The participants of our International Seed Exchange programme will now go on to run a series of demonstration trials over the next growing season, incorporating the themes and seeds they’ve delved into throughout the exchanges. Stay tuned for updates on how they get on!


Want to take part?

This was our first year running the Seed Exchange programme, and we would like to do similar in the future. If you are interested in being involved, get in touch with us to be kept in the loop!