SeedTV is a webinar series hosted by The Gaia Foundation’s Seed Sovereignty Programme for the seed network in the Uk and Ireland. The topics range from medicinal seeds to seed garlic, seed legislation changes to crowd breeding but have one thing in common: seeds! Join us (roughly) quarterly to delve deep into the rich, regenerative, radical world of seed as we explore topics that have the most interest and impact for our networks.

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29th February, 2024 – Exploring Medicinal Seeds with the Seed Sistas

Embark on a fun and dynamic herbal odyssey with the Seed Sistas during Seed Week—an exploration into the enchanting intersection of medicinal herbs, ancient wisdom, and modern science!

Seeds contain powerful medicine. For millennia humankind has been linked with the story of seed medicine. Humans are seed dispersers, growers and medicine makers. With 25 years of medicine-making, supporting community medicine gardens and growing under our belts, we will share some insights from our journey with you. We’ll look at medicine making and our relationship with seed, with the odd story thrown in for good measure. Join us to ponder the following and more:

  • Seeds often have affinity for the nervous system and the lungs, why is that?
  • What are some of the most popular of the seed medicines?
  • What do Seeds represent when working with body, mind and spirit?
  • What can we do to support ourselves, our communities and our growing spaces by interacting with the power of medicinal seed?
  • How can we grow our own seeds for medicine?


Kaz and Fi, known as the SEED SISTAS, are seasoned herbalists, educators, and stewards of Mother Earth. These Earth lovers believe in the power of reconnecting with nature for holistic well-being, and are on a mission to bridge the gap between humans and the green world around them. Published authors and international speakers, these herbal trailblazers, armed with BSc qualifications, make a move away from conventional herbalism and don witch’s hats whilst stirring things up in their cauldrons full of plant magic. Beyond clinical expertise, they embody ecological guardianship advocating for botanical connection with plenty of passion and humour.