This autumn we are partnering with Torth Y Tir community supported bakery to organise a two day immersive heritage grain workshop. Aimed at growers, farmers, bakers and smallholders, the event will look at how to grow heritage wheat ecologically and how to bake artisan breads with that wheat.

Torth Y Tir Coordinator Rupert Dunn says “We will be welcoming renowned peasant bakers Jean-Marc Albisetti and Nicolas Supiot to guide us through a two day immersion on how to grow the most healthy, ecological, nutritious heritage grain and how to transform those grains into truly artisan breads, baked using natural forces, for the benefit of local communities”.

“Both Nicolas and Jean-Marc have been baking, growing and milling heritage grains for at least 20 years. Nicolas on his farm in Brittany and Jean-Marc now in Sussex. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience both on the science and craft of their profession and also on the intimate link between their work and the support of healthy biospheres for people and nature in the fullest sense: economically, spiritually and for community”.

Regional Coordinator for Wales, Katie Hastings, says “This event is an opportunity for us to work with local partners to boost the diversity of grain grown in Wales. The two day workshop will focus on heritage wheat, with a look at the mixed population grown by the Torth Y Tir community. We are working with several growers looking to get into grain production and it is our hope that this event will boost their skills, enabling them to begin growing heritage grains on their own land”.

The event will give participants an opportunity to learn about the appropriate machinery for small and large scale grain production. Growers will have a chance to try hand powered threshing and winnowing equipment, and talk about hand harvesting of grain. Katie says “The need for expensive machinery is a huge barrier for new and small scale producers. We hope that this event will help them overcome these equipment barriers and look at low tech ways to get started with wheat production”.

There is a charge for the event to cover costs. There are also some bursary places for farmers on low incomes to attend.

For more info contact our Wales Coordinator:

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