Interested in producing your own seed?

Learn the fundamentals of seed production from Ashley Wheeler of Trill Farm Garden who produces seed for the Real Seed Catalogue.

Join us on Saturday 29th June or Saturday 14th September to find out how to produce successful seed crops.

There is a real art to producing seed alongside vegetable crops. You need to think about the cultivation requirements, isolation distances, crop selection and how to go about harvesting and processing. But a small amount of training can set you up to produce a successful seed crop.

During this workshop on seed production, Ashley will cover the fundamentals of seed production including:

  • – Plant biology
  • – Cultivation and isolation techniques
  • – Crop selection and population requirements
  • – Harvesting, processing and storage
  • – Fitting seed production into an existing veg business



This course is suitable for commercial growers and those involved in community growing projects. We’re offering funded places growers who fit into either of those categories. Contact regional coordinator Ellen Rignell ( to book on.