As we enter into 2024, there is a growing sense of urgency for decisive change. Conflict, social unrest, climate breakdown and biodiversity collapse are all happening – now. So now is a time for radical transformation into a new regenerative future.  

And that future starts with seed. 

As the days become longer and signs of spring begin to emerge, thoughts turn to what crops to grow this year and the sowing of seed. But as that seed is plunged deep into the soil with the hope and promise of the new life that will emerge, do we ever ask its story? Where it has come from, how was it grown, by whom and how? It is a crucial piece of the puzzle that is often overlooked. 

It’s estimated that as much as 80% of seed is still imported into the UK, grown in climates and soil often very different from our own. And we are only just waking up to the impact of this. As society looks to regenerative ways of growing food that builds soil health and nurtures biodiversity, consider that these are not resilient until we address the source – the seed.

But we can create a new story.

Through growing and saving our own seed here in the UK and Ireland, in ecologically sustainable ways, that seed becomes the catalyst for change. It holds a memory of the soil, growing into thriving healthy plants that nourish us and our communities. And by sharing that seed within those communities, we restore that connection to the heart of our food system. 

From 26th-30th February we will be holding our 7th annual Seed Week. During the five days our Seed team will be sharing stories from their networks via The Gaia Foundation instagram, to take you on a journey of how seed is at the root of health, diversity and resilience. We’ll hear from community plant breeding projects demonstrating what is possible against the odds. We’ll be premiering our fourth Seed Sovereignty short film by Andy Pilsbury – Where Giants Grow. And tune in for the first ever broadcast of Seed TV to explore, with the Seed Sistas, the healing power of seeds. 

We encourage you all to join us for a glimpse of what could be possible when we restore our relationship with seed, and enter into a world of radical possibility.