At the end of May, we held our ‘Make Room for Seed: Seed Production in Market Gardens’ webinar. Market gardeners and commercial growers hold a vital part in developing our seed sovereignty here in the UK both in terms of variety and quantity of locally-produced seed. However, one of the biggest concerns from commercial growers interested in producing seed – for their own use, to swap in seed circles, or to sell to seed suppliers as another income stream – is how to balance demands of a market garden with the unique challenges producing seed raises. Drawing on the experience of growers who have followed this path we hope to give you the inside track on growing seeds as part of market gardening operation.

We were joined by speakers Jason Horner of Leen Organics, Ann Owen of Einion’s Garden and Andr√© Tranquilini of Waltham Place to explore seed production in market gardens and learn from their experience of following this path.

You can view the recording here: