Holly Silvester (job share)
Southwest England

QXQV+MH Axminster, UK

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Francis Everson

Corton, Lowestoft NR32 5NG, UK

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Catherine Howell
Northern England

JJW3+3G Stockton-on-Tees, UK

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Baleveolan Croft

Lismore, Scotland, UK

Connect with Baleveolan

Baleveolan Croft is a 42 acre croft (16Ha), previously used as only grazing for sheep and cattle. Now approximately 25% is newly planted native woodland, 50% grazing and 25% field grown grains, vegetables, fruit and tea. At Baleveolan Croft on the Isle of Lismore, the crofters are also experimenting with small scale grain growing at croft scale. To allow this to happen they are working with Adam Veitch (a crofter and baker at Fort William), us here at the Gaia Foundation's Seed Sovereignty Programme and the James Hutton Institute on having small scale processing equipment for small producers to process their grains into food.

Exeter Seed Bank
Southwest England

Exeter, UK

Connect with Exeter

The Exeter Seed Bank is a new initiative seeking to complement other growing/gardening groups in the city. Our aim is to share knowledge about seed saving, an ancient craft that is reviving in the face of our diminishing seed diversity. We want to create a seed bank that works for our area’s soils and in consideration of other issues such as biodiversity loss and climate change. We hope to have community events in the future that follow the seed calendar and use the arts and heritage to creatively engage people with the natural world and to encourage environmental stewardship.

Barra Organics
North England

Sheffield, UK

Connect with Barra

We are an award winning, family run business with a reputation for sourcing the finest selection of organic and biodynamic produce. Our fantastic range of seasonal, local, and speciality produce attracts regular customers from across the region, and is much loved within the community we serve.

Seeds of Hope Seed Library
North England

Bradford, UK

Connect with Seeds

Seeds of Hope is a dream seed sown a couple of years ago. This year with huge increase in demand for locally adapted, open-pollinated seed seems the perfect time to launch membership of a seed library. My name's Charlie Gray and I've been saving seed at Horton Community Farm in Bradford for many years now. The seed library will collate seed saved at Horton Community Farm and by others locally. It will also coordinate unused seeds and make them available to members.

Freeman Biodynamic College
North England

Stannington, Sheffield, UK

Connect with Freeman

Freeman Bio-dynamic Garden was established in April 2014 at High Riggs in Stannington. The 9 acre site consists of a 3 acre market garden, a 3 acre mixed woodland and a 3 acre meadow. It has been set up as a social enterprise to provide learning opportunities for Freeman College students and fresh vegetables for the Freeman College kitchens, the Fusion Cafe, the Sheffield community and for our vegetable box scheme.

Cotswold Seeds

Moreton-in-Marsh GL56 0JQ, UK

Connect with Cotswold

We are an independent family-run company, based in Moreton-in-Marsh, that now works with over 15,000 farmers across the UK, supplying everything from green manures, cover crops and herbal leys to dual purpose long term leys and silage leys. Our experience and in-depth knowledge has meant that we are often approached to advise landowners and organisations, from the National Trust to water authorities and environmental organisations, and are increasingly involved in research and educational projects with universities and colleges.

Stroud Community Seed Bank

Stroud, Gloucestershire, UK

Connect with Stroud

Stroud Community Seed Guardians are a group of local gardeners who grow and save seed across the Stroud District. Stroud Seed guardians celebrate locally adapted seed, seed diversity and growing without the use of chemicals. They enjoy connecting with community members, groups and schools to strengthen community bonds, resilience and spread knowledge of the importance of seed saving. They are continuing to develop the quality of our seeds, educate around seed saving techniques and feel it is important to clarify the importance of high-quality seed. They distribute saved seed in various community shops and cafes from January through to earl Spring as well as at events and workshops throughout the year.

Brighton CSA - Fork and Dig It

Stanmer Organics, Stanmer, Brighton, UK

Connect with Brighton

We grow organic fruit and vegetables and we grow Growers through our 12 month Traineeship. Seed saving is one of our tutorials. We save more and more seed each and every year:) Contact us through email or better still pop in and say hi 48 Fridays/year.

Seed Saving Network at OmVed Gardens

Townsend Yard, London N6 5JF, UK

Connect with Seed

The Seed Saving Network is an initiative by Omved Gardens. In addition to sharing seed amongst our community, we are building a living seed bank, growing, storing and collecting data on organic seed at our kitchen garden in Highgate, North London.

Airfield Estate

Unnamed Road, Drummartin, Dublin, Co. Dublin, Ireland

Connect with Airfield

Airfield is a 38 acre farm and gardens located in the suburbs of Dublin city. This charitable trust has the mission “to inspire and enable people to make better food choices”. The gardens and farm play a key role in delivering this mission. The gardens are approximately 6 acres in size. They are managed organically with the 2 acre food garden certified by the Irish Organic Association. Airfield have been seed guardians for Irish seed savers since 2018 and continue to grow and supply organic vegetable and flower seed.

Reviving Food

Kincraig, Kingussie, UK

Connect with Reviving

Reviving Food is an artisan bakery, making and serving locally produced food. Serving sourdough bread to the Kincraig and nearby community.

Springtail Farm

ivepenny Farm, Wootton Fitzpaine, West Dorset, UK

Connect with Springtail

We are a small market garden in West Dorset focused on growing the most delicious and nutritious vegetables that we can.

Our growing practices are considerate of the land that we tend, and we are driven by a desire to produce healthy vegetables, in bountiful quantities, for as many people as possible.

Whippletree Farm

Bridford, Exeter EX6 7HU, UK

Connect with Whippletree

Whippletree Farm is a small, mixed farm on the edge of Dartmoor, just outside of Bridford in the Teign Valley.

Ketton Seed Swap

Ketton, Rutland

Connect with Ketton

A group to provide Free Swap of Seeds within Ketton and the very local area.

Incredible Edible Seed Library

Llanelli, UK

Connect with Incredible

The Incredible Seed Library is a free program committed to increasing our ability to feed ourselves wholesome food by offering seeds and education. Through the time-honored tradition of seed saving we celebrate biodiversity, nurture locally adapted plant varieties, and foster community resilience, self-reliance and a culture of sharing. The Seed Library operates on the honor system to maintain a well stocked collection of pure healthy viable seeds for the community to use. You become a member automatically when you withdraw seeds to plant. We encourage all members to learn basic seed-saving techniques. We encourage that beginning seed savers grow out and return seeds from easy to save seeds like lettuce, tomato, bean or pea plants the first year. Training is available to all members and there is a link to a zoom training session called 'Introduction to Seed Saving' we will send if you email us at incredibleseedlibrary@gmail.com. You can also join our e-mailing list by sending us an email and asking. More training sessions will be offered soon. Our seed list is currently available on our Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/529388121375323

Canvas Brewery

Roscrea, Co. Tipperary, Ireland

Connect with Canvas

Canvas brewery is located on our farm in Tipperary. The vision is to produce "single source" beers using home grown ingredients, on farm spring water and energy from on farm woodland and hydro-power and to sell direct to the consumer.

Aberystwyth Seed Library / Aber Food Surplus

Aberystwyth, UK

Connect with Aberystwyth

Sharing seeds with the community, exploring seed varieties, and learning about seed sovereignty.

Leen Organics

Crusheen, Co. Clare, Ireland

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Growing organic seeds for Brown Envelope seeds

Those Plant People

Steeton, West Yorkshire

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"We love to create beautiful, wildlife friendly planting schemes and gardens, whether purely ornamental or with edible elements. We are committed to gardening in an organic, sustainable way. Creating gardens which give year round interest, habitat for wildlife and ideally other yields such as food, fuel and natural craft materials."

Lancaster Seed Library

Lancaster, Lancaster, UK

Connect with Lancaster

The Lancaster seed library is for local gardeners & growers to share & save seeds from their own patch of earth.

Caerhys Farm

St Davids, Haverfordwest, Wales, UK

Connect with Caerhys

Caerhys Farm is situated on the cliffs above the wild Welsh sea overlooking Abereiddy. Farmer Gerald Miles has been growing black oats on the farm since he was a boy. Following the loss of his crop in a storm, Gerald set about on a global search to bring these rare oats back to his farm. The farm now produces a plethora of 'heritage' grains such as Emmer, Einkorn and landrace Welsh oats (for seed). Gerald is one of the founders of our Llafur Ni network, in which farmers work together across Wales to increase grain diversity. The farm also runs a successful CSA, Caerhys Organic Community Agriculture (COCA), which is an agricultural scheme run for and supported by the local community. COCA members share delicious organic food grown in partnership with local farmers.

Dyfi Grain Growing Collective

Machynlleth, UK

Connect with Dyfi

A collective of people growing wheat and oats in the Dyfi Valley. We work with the Merionedd Vintage Club to cultivate soil on Melindwr Farm and Cwm Llywi hill farm. Our wheat is milled at Felin Ganol watermill and baked by Rye and Roses bakery. You can sample our Torth Dyfi (Dyfi Loaf) at the weekly Machynlleth Wednesday market.

A vegetable seed company for gardeners, by gardeners. Stocking the best varieties of vegetable seeds selected by expert organic grower Klaus Laitenberger, Green Vegetable Seeds.

Down Farm

Winkleigh EX19 8DN, UK

Connect with Down

Down Farm is a social enterprise. We are an organic market garden and community hub situated just outside of Winkleigh, North Devon. We grow fantastic vegetables, salads, herbs & fruits, using only hand tools. Our aim is to grow produce that benefits us, our wildlife the soil and our community.

Incredible Edible Flowers

Chard TA20 4HT, UK

Connect with Incredible

We strongly believe in following the principles of organic growing.  Because putting the time and care into the quality of the soil is as important as the flowers the soil supports. And so our flowers are grown seasonally when they naturally want to flower.  They are not grown in heated tunnels or fed anything other than natural, organic seaweed based plant food, approved by the Soil Association.

Caerhys Organic

St Davids, Haverfordwest SA62 6DX, UK

Connect with Caerhys

Caerhys Organic Farm is on the picturesque Pembrokeshire Coast. We are just 1/2 mile from the coast and approx. 4 miles from St.David's. We are now diversifying to alternative enterprises; a welsh black suckler herd for Organic Beef, Livery and stables, and Bed and Breakfast.

Wales Seed Hub

Unnamed Road, Carmarthen SA33 5DS, UK

Connect with Wales

A cooperative of growers, working together to market, pack and distribute our seed. Wales Seed Hub produces seed grown on Welsh farms using agroecological practices. Our seed is open pollinated and carefully selected. We try to grow varieties that are not widely available elsewhere and grow well in the Welsh climate. This seed hub is being supported by the Seed Sovereignty Programme UK and Ireland as they forge the way in creating a new Welsh seed selling business.

The Welsh Grain Forum

Cymru, UK

Connect with The

The Welsh Grain Forum is working to develop a thriving national grain economy. We are a community of growers, millers, bakers, maltsters, distillers, brewers, thatchers, researchers and friends who recognise the economic, environmental, nutritional and cultural benefits of a shorter grain chain from farmer to table.


Lincoln LN4 4QR, UK

Connect with Seedsology

Here at Seedsology we are passionate about Wildflowers and Meadows, so 4 years ago we set aside 3-acres of land and started building our meadow field. As well as the Wild flowers in our 3 acre Meadow field we also grow Cottage Garden Flowers too,  such as Cosmos, Cornflower, Stocks, Nigella, Marigolds, Gypsophila, Forget me nots, Larkspur and many more, all our seeds come from the Meadow and Cottage Garden here at Reed Point.

Vallis Veg

Vallis Farm Cottages, Egford, Frome BA11 3JQ, UK

Connect with Vallis

We’re a small farm on the outskirts of Frome, Somerset, producing vegetables, fruit and various other farm products for our local customers. We also offer a small number of camping spots and other activities for visitors.

Lost Gardens of Heligan

Pentewan, Saint Austell PL26 6EN, UK

Connect with Lost

Nestled in the heart of the Heligan Productive Gardens is a cool, dry storage shed where carefully labelled pots and jars display a bounty of seeds; all lovingly collected, dried and stored by the Heligan Gardening Team.

Seedy Sunday

Open Market, Brighton BN1 4JU, UK

Connect with Seedy

Seedy Sunday in Brighton and Hove is the UK’s biggest and longest-running community seed swap event. The event takes place on the first Sunday in February in Brighton and Hove.  At the heart of Seedy Sunday is the huge seed swap table where seeds are donated and swapped.

Torth Y Tir

St Davids, Haverfordwest, Wales, UK

Connect with Torth

Torth Y Tir means 'Loaf of the Land' in Welsh. This is a community supported peasant bakery growing a mixed population of heritage wheat. They also mill and bake their wheat into sourdough pizzas and bread. Community owned and run, Torth Y Tir are passionate about ecological production and diversity in their wheat populations.

Stroud Community Seed Bank

Stroud, UK

Connect with Stroud

We are a team of volunteer seed guardians growing vegetables, herbs and flowers for seeds in the back gardens, allotments and community plots of Stroud. After our first successful and productive experimental year in 2016 we have been expanding both our team and the range of seeds we grow.

The Sheffield Wheat Experiment

Sheffield, UK

Connect with The

A participatory project with 200 people growing heritage wheat in gardens, allotments and fields across Sheffield. Collectively threshing, winnowing, grinding and baking. Framed by a wider series of dialogues & learning around agroecology, seed, soil health, food sovereignty, community, climate emergency & land access. Longer term, working on re-sowing to create a Sheffield Landrace, including wider heritage grains, encourage local independent bakers to try our flour and work towards a local grain economy.

Llafur Ni - Our Cereals

Unnamed Road, Aberystwyth SY23 3EG, UK

Connect with Llafur

LLafur Ni are a network of farmers and growers working together across Wales to increase grain diversity. Over the last three years the group has grown and bulked up seed from 21 rare grain varieties, including several landrace oats. The grains are grown on multiple farms and information is shared between members. Facilitated by the Seed Sovereignty Programme. In partnership with IBERS plant research centre.    

Incredible Vegetables

24 Home Park, Ashburton, Newton Abbot, Devon TQ13 7BE, UK

Connect with Incredible

Incredible Vegetables is an experimental vegetable growing project and a research space dedicated to useful perennial edibles and future food crops and a perennial vegetable nursery set up and managed by Mandy Barber and Julien Skinner. The polyculture space includes a biodiverse mixture of perennials, self sowing annuals and plants for pollinators.


Brampton, Beccles, UK

Connect with Hodmedod's

Nick Saltmarsh, Josiah Meldrum and William Hudson founded Hodmedod in 2012 to supply beans, grains and other products from British farms.

Gothelney Farm

Charlynch, Bridgwater, Somerset, UK

Connect with Gothelney

Modern grains and input hungry monocultures are two sides of the same coin. We have been exploring ways to embed diversity & a forgotten toolbox of genetic potential into our cereal rotation.

Scotland the Bread

St Monans, Anstruther, UK

Connect with Scotland

A collaborative project to grow better grain and bake better bread with the common purposes of nourishment, sustainability and food sovereignty.

UK Grain Lab

Nottingham, UK

Connect with UK

UK Grain Lab is an annual meeting of farmers, millers, plant breeders, bakers, cooks, scientists and academics providing an opportunity to bake together, eat, drink, learn from each other and talk about the future.

We will share stories, skills and strategies inspired by visitors from around the world with a view to advancing a more diverse UK-based grain economy.

Jason Horner

M18, Crusheen, Co. Clare, Ireland

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Glasgow Seed Library

Centre for Contemporary Arts, Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, UK

Connect with Glasgow

Richie Walsh

Connect with Richie

Richie joined the team in June 2020 as the Scotland Seed Sovereignty Coordinator. He has an academic background in amenity horticulture, market gardening and plant conservation. He has a passion for community food growing. Over the last two decades, he has set up and run community gardens in Dublin, Amsterdam and Glasgow. He is a member of Scottish Craft Brewers and passionate about using underused heritage grains in beer production. When not digging in a garden, Richie can be found brewing his own beer, home malting heritage grains and running trails with his brewing club.

We set out to tackle corporate hegemony and loss of genetic diversity within the seed industry. Our aims are to share knowledge regarding seed saving, preserve open pollinated seed, and establish a seed library for the Nottingham community.

Stroud Community Seed Guardians are a group of local gardeners who grow and save seed across the Stroud District. Stroud Seed guardians celebrate locally adapted seed, seed diversity and growing without the use of chemicals. They enjoy connecting with community members, groups and schools to strengthen community bonds, resilience and spread knowledge of the importance of seed saving. They are continuing to develop the quality of our seeds, educate around seed saving techniques and feel it is important to clarify the importance of high-quality seed. They distribute saved seed at markets in Stroud in the Winter and early Spring as well as at events and workshops throughout the year.

Green Vegetable Seeds is a company for gardeners, by gardeners. Their seeds are selected by expert organic grower Klaus Laitenberger and can be purchased online too. Green Vegetable Seeds offers gardening courses too, and have produced several publications for gardeners and growers, and the specific Irish context.

One of the first UK companies to offer organic seeds, Tamar Organics started as a small organic market garden in 1994. Ever since then they have been encouraging people to grow organically for a healthier environment, improved soil and improved biodiversity. Tamar Organics is registered with the soil association, and all their vegetable, herb and flower seeds are organic. Their composts and fertilisers are all permitted for use in organic systems and their pest control is the most environmentally friendly available. The products in their rich online catalogue are shipped both nationally and internationally.

On the Black Isle peninsula on the east coast of the Scottish Highlands, surrounded by sea lochs, hills and mountains, Poyntzfield Herb Nursery have been growing herbs organically and biodynamically since 1976. They grow over 400  species/varieties in the nursery that originate from all over the world ,but include plants native to Scotland that have herbal properties. Seeds have been exported to Argentina, Canada, USA, all EU countries, Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Canaries, Bosnia, Kenya, Korea, Zimbabwe, Brazil, India, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

Home to the largest collection of culinary herbs in the UK Jekka's is an amazing resource for plant identification and a gastronomic delight for anyone interested in good food. Jekka's herbetum contains over 400 culinary herbs carefully planted in raised beds on Jekka's herb farm, enabling visitors to walk amongst them. All of their seeds are untreated and therefore can be used to grow plants organically. At Jekka's they also run master classes and offer online videos on seed sowing.

Potato House by Skea Organics Ltd.

skea organics

Connect with Potato

Skea Organics is a family run business based north of Dundee offering a remarkable selection of Speciality, Heritage and Organic seed potatoes, on their online shop the Potato House. They also grow and supply other high-quality organic root vegetables, mainly carrots, swede and parsnips.

A network of food growers and gardeners in London dedicated to saving, storing and sharing open-pollinated seed.

Sinéad Fortune
Programme Manager


Connect with Sinéad

OURganic Gardens

Connect with OURganic

The intention is for OURganic Gardens to become an outdoor green space focused on food, sustainability, and horticulture. We want to provide a standard of excellence in education , experience and training in the northwest of Donegal, giving tourists and the community a chance to learn new and old skills. Our aim is to provide all walks of the community with a sense of ‘connection’ to where our food comes from, to encourage them to become environmentally aware, and to live more self-sufficiently. Our educational packages would provide people with the knowledge they need to make responsible decisions about how they live their lives, while surrounded by the beauty and wonder of the natural landscape OURganic Gardens has to offer. We are at the beginning of our dream at OURganic Gardens and we look forward to you joining on our journey.

Established in 2013, True Harvest Seeds aims to conserve ALL of Ireland’s native seed-bearing wild plants by the secure storage of their seeds. Part of the collections are kept in perpetuity and part are available for suitable local restoration projects

Rye and Roses / Rhyg a Rhosod

Connect with Rye

In 2009 Jane and Tom founded Loaf Cookery School and Community Bakery in Birmingham. In 2018 they moved to Wales to begin Rye and Roses (Rhyg a Rhosod) a new micro-homestead and family bakery. Rye and Roses are looking to diversify into grain production and particularly looking to grow some of the rarer grain varieties falling out of production in Wales. They are currently growing wheat in the Dyfi Valley. Tom specialises in baking handmade sourdough bread, where possible using organic ingredients and locally milled flour. Jane grows ingredients on a small scale for Rye and Roses.

Lampeter Seed Library

Connect with Lampeter

A completely free public resource, supported by Lampeter Permaculture  Group, Transition Llambed and Transition Llambed Development Trust. The library is open at the People's Market at Victoria Hall, every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month between 10am and 1pm. Members can borrow seed, grow and eat the vegetables and save their seeds at the end of the season to donate back to the library for others to then borrow.

Lampeter Seed Library

Connect with Lampeter

A completely free public resource, supported by Lampeter Permaculture  Group, Transition Llambed and Transition Llambed Development Trust. The library is open at the People's Market at Victoria Hall, every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month between 10am and 1pm. Members can borrow seed, grow and eat the vegetables and save their seeds at the end of the season to donate back to the library for others to then borrow.

Trill Farm Garden
Southwest England

Connect with Trill

Trill Farm is a small scale, organic market garden which grows vegetables for local restaurants. They save seed from around 40 different varieties, producing seed crops for the Real Seed Catalogue, for their own use in the garden, and for exchange through the South West Seed Savers Co-op.

Vital Seeds
Southwest England

Connect with Vital

We are an independent organic seed company, specializing in open-pollinated varieties of vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Our long term vision is to develop new crop varieties adapted to temperate organic growing conditions.

Einion's Garden

Connect with Einion's

"Einion's Garden is a micro market garden. Established according to the permaculture principles of Earth care, People care and Fair shares, we are improving biodiversity and soil health whilst growing vegetables and fruit for a very local market. In an increasingly unpredictable climate we are learning how to adapt to extremes of weather and are part of a greater movement to building local resilient communities." Einion's garden have been saving seed for their own use for years and are now progressing to producing open pollinated seed for sale. Seed available for the 2018-2019 season: Plas Einion Kale, parentage Ragged Jack/ Red Russian kale. Low growing, excellent clubroot resistance, tolerance of very wet conditions, very hardy, sweet and tender leaves, makes delicious shoots in late spring. Vietnamese Mustard Mr Hong's, mild flavoured, large leaved, pale green with white ribs. Very slow to bolt, even under cover.

South West Seed Savers Co-op
Southwest England

Connect with South

The South West Seed Savers Co-operative are a group of small scale, agroecological vegetable growers who have come together to exchange seed and share their knowledge and experience of seed production. A number of the group produce seed commercially for UK seed companies and others produce seed for exchange and on farm use. If you're a grower or seed business whose interested in linking up with SWSSC then please get in touch!

Daniel Blackburn

Connect with Daniel

Daniel Blackburn runs his family farm where he keeps sheep and produces vegetables for sale in the surrounding area. Daniel has been producing seed for the Real Seed catalogue for several years. In the past he has grown large crops of pea seed and this year he is diversifying into courgette and pumpkin seed. Daniel finds seed production to be a useful income stream to the farm as well as something worth doing for the benefit of our local resilience.    

Blaenffos Permaculture Market Garden

Connect with Blaenffos

Blaenffos Permaculture Market Garden has been producing vegetables and fruit for sale to their local community for several years. They are producing seed for the Real Seeds catalogue and save their own varieties to ensure their own seed sovereignty.  

Heritage Seed Library (Garden Organic)

Connect with Heritage

Garden Organic's Heritage Seed Library (HSL) aims to conserve vegetable varieties that are not widely available. We are not a gene bank and all of our collection, once we have enough seed, will become available for our members to grow and enjoy. The collection consists of mainly European varieties, including:

  • rare landrace varieties, which are adapted to specific growing conditions.
  • heirloom varieties that have been saved over many generations. These are unique to the Heritage Seed Library catalogue.
  • varieties that have been dropped from popular seed catalogues over the past decade. This occurs for a number of reasons; their lack of popularity with customers, their unsuitability for commercial scale production or simply the prohibitive cost of trialing and National Listing.

Beans & Herbs
Southwest England

The Herbary 161 Chapel Street, Horningsham, Warminster, Wiltshire BA12 7LU

Connect with Beans

A private herb nursery called The Herbary. Not open to the public except on our special open days. They grow many different sorts of medicinal, aromatic and culinary herbs, using organic and peat-free compost, without the use of artificial fertilisers or pesticides. The land is certified as organic for seed production (vegetables, herbs and flowers) and they have further organic certification for the processing and marketing of organic seed. They have always been committed to safe and sustainable methods of cultivation.

Irish Seed Savers locate rare varieties of vegetables, soft fruit, flowers, grains, potatoes and apple trees and then conduct research on them in our gardens. They then select varieties which are hardy and suitable for the local climate. This process takes time patience and skill and then their subscribers, Friends of Seed Savers and the public are rewarded with tasty and productive varieties to grow at home. One of Irish Seed Savers Association’s main aims is to raise public awareness about the vulnerability of Irish agricultural biodiversity to schools and community groups through workshops. They encourage and facilitate liaisons with government departments, universities and gene banks worldwide. As environmental issues come more the forefront in all of our lives, the small efforts of many make a real difference.

Brown Envelope Seeds

Unnamed Road, Co. Cork, Ireland

Connect with Brown

Vegetable, grain and herb seed grown on our family farm in West Cork Ireland.
All our seeds are certified organic, by the Organic Trust Ltd., they are open-pollinated, open source seeds.

Real Seeds

real seeds

Connect with Real

You'll find no F1 hybrids or genetically modified seed here - just varieties that do really well and taste great when grown on a garden scale - a catalogue of real seeds for real gardeners wanting to grow proper vegetables. Because all are open-pollinated (non-hybrid) , you can even save your own vegetable seed for future years, using the instructions we supply. There's no need to buy new seed every year!

Seed Cooperative

Gosberton Bank Nursery, Gosberton, Spalding, PE11 4PB

Connect with Seed

The Seed Cooperative is growing seed commercially as well as creating a hub for trainings, skill sharing and collaboration.

Katie Hastings


Connect with Katie

Katie is coordinating the Seed Sovereignty programme in Wales. She works with farmers and growers on the ground to build a more resilient seed system and increase agri-diversity. She is also co-founder of the community organisation Mach Maethlon where she coordinates a horticultural training programme, food hub and community growing scheme. She grows wheat as part of a collective, which is baked by a local bakery and eaten by people in Mid Wales. In her free time she grows field scale potatoes and salad for her local ‘solidarity veg box scheme’. She is especially interested in rare oats.

Robyn Minogue (job share)
Southwest England

East Devon District, UK

Connect with Robyn

Robyn is the regional coordinator for the South West of England while also being a grower and horticulture teacher. She currently runs a kitchen garden for a local seasonal restaurant and is an active member of the South West Seed Savers Network. With a background in arts and activism, Robyn is particularly interested in the intersection of food and social justice, having previously worked as part of a prisoner resettlement charity running their market garden. Robyn can often be found helping others set up new growing spaces from scratch in whatever space may be available, she is committed to supporting others to overcome barriers to both food growing and seed saving.