“We have laid down good foundations for the future seed sovereignty of Ireland. The building continues one seed at a time.”
Jason Horner, Seed Sovereignty Coordinator for Ireland


In Ireland growers have had several wake-up calls in the last few years, first Covid and then Brexit have shown up the fragility of our seed systems. They are responding by taking ownership of the solutions and learning how to save seed, build networks, and organise. The Seed Sovereignty  Programme for UK and Ireland is looking to facilitate this in every way we can.


Email: irelandseedsov@gaianet.org
Twitter: @irelandseedsov

Upcoming Events

Towards the end of the summer we will be looking for applications for our 2024 year long course in seed saving for commercial growers. We will be hoping to start this in late November, for further information and an application form contact me on the email above.

Events are also added to our Eventbrite page and advertised via our social media channels listed above, where we also share other regional opportunities.


If you are interested in doing an introductory course please get in touch and when we have enough interest we will put one on. These are usually a one day in person course and prepares people for our year long course.


Over the last two years we have been engaging with cereal growers, bakers, millers, maltsters, and brewers with a view to animating an alternative non commodity grain economy.

In October 2022 we ran a “Grain Social” in conjunction with various partners in Cloughjordan and brought together a wide spectrum of interested parties for food, talks and the building of those relationships that are so fundamental to short supply chains. We are hoping to do  something similar this year in a different venue so keep a lookout for developments

Also in Ireland

Irish Seed Savers Association: We are very lucky in Ireland to have the Irish Seed Savers Association in Co Clare who have been big advocates for seed here for the last 30 years.
So many growers have learnt to save seeds thanks to their trainings. That coupled with the huge collection of varieties they have now have in their seed bank make this a very important resource for the island and beyond.

Brown Envelope Seeds: Based in West Cork, Brown Envelope Seeds are the Republic’s only commercial seed company growing all their varieties in Ireland. With 20 years’ experience and a profile both here and abroad they are a huge asset to the seed and gardening community in Ireland.

Airfield Estate: Based in Dundrum, Dublin, Airfield Estate are doing a lot of seed saving in their educational gardens. Its great to have these gardens so close to a large centre of population demonstrating best practice seed saving

True Harvest Seeds: In Co Down, True Havest Seeds have a dedicated ex- situ seed bank for wildflowers shrubs and trees which they collect and grow themselves. They also have an organic vegetable seed catalogue with some of their own seed available in it.