Seeds and people
Commercial Growers 06 February 2023

Seeding Tomorrow

Seeds and people: we have shaped each other. Throughout human history we have chosen the most resilient, most productive, most nutritious seeds. Those seeds have nourished us the following year, and the year after that. Sowing, selecting, saving and sharing seed was an intrinsic part of nurturing plants and people. Yet, in a short space […]

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Ladybird on wheat
Events 30 January 2023

Coming up at #SeedWeek

Our 6th annual #SeedWeek is almost upon us and there’s a cornucopia of seed goodness in store. Below is a brief menu of what’s happening between Monday 6th – Friday 10th February 2023.  #SeedWeek is a chance for everyone to shout about the seed work you’re doing. Collectively we can make the hashtag bloom. Organising […]

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Commercial Growers 06 January 2023

Seed Sovereignty for market gardeners

Jason Horner, Irish Coordinator for the Seed Sovereignty Programme, writes in the The Organic Grower about Seed Sovereignty for Market gardeners. This article is available to read and download, and also available in the No 61 Winter 2022 printed edition of The Organic Grower. In this article I have distilled a lot of the discussion […]

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