Legislation differs depending on the country you are growing in, and depending on whether you are growing seed for a seller or aiming to sell seed independently.

Under Contract: When growing under contract for an established seed company, it is best to speak with that company regarding any measures you may need to take. If you would like to know more about this process, please feel free to reach out to a seed company in your area or Contact Us to put you in touch with one for guidance.

Selling independently: If you are planning to sell seed independently in Great Britain, you will need to be registered with DEFRA in order to do so. However, do not be put off by this process! There are agencies on hand to help, and if in doubt you can contact your local coordinator for advice.

England, Scotland and Wales: The Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) manage this process and can be contacted directly for advice and guidance via telephone 0208 026 5993 or email seed.cert@apha.gov.uk

Northern Ireland: Seed certification is managed by the Environmental Farming Branch which can be contacted via telephone:  +44(0) 28 9052478 or email: seed.cert@daera-ni.gov.uk More information is available on their website here.

Republic of Ireland: The Department for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food manages seed certification in Ireland. You can contact them directly here or call on +353 1 607 2000. You can also learn more on their website here.