Over 80% of the organic vegetable seed sold in the UK is imported.  A main aim of this programme is to increase the number of farmers growing for seed, both for their own use and to supply to others.
Below is a list of suppliers of organic/biodynamic seed.

The Seed Cooperative 

This is the UK’s community owned seed company. They came into being as an initiative of the Biodynamic Association, supported by Garden Organic and the Organic Research Centre, working with Open Pollinated Seeds and experienced seedsman Hans Steenbergen. Beside many initiatives such as providing education and training for professional growers, home gardeners and the wider public about the importance of open pollinated seed and sustainable farming, they sell certified biodynamic and organic vegetable, herb and flower seed, some of which are grown in the UK.

The seed catalogue shows the source of every variety of seed that is sold; they produce and process seed; are building a network of small scale organic and biodynamic UK seed growers to increase the proportion of UK seed grown in the UK; only import seed from 4 other seed companies in Europe that work using networks of small scale growers and supply seed to farmers, market gardeners, allotments and gardens in a range of pack sizes.

The Real Seed Catalogue

This is specifically for vegetable seeds. The Real Seed Catalogue has been producing high quality seeds for seventeen years now. You can find here the best quality of open pollinated vegetable seeds, which means you can collect your own seeds after the harvesting is done. Indeed, the aim of the company is to educate and encourage home seed saving.

Vital Seeds

Vital Seeds is a Devon-based organic seed company selling open-pollinated varieties mainly to home gardeners via their website. The team currently consists of Fred Groom and Ronja Schlumberger. Fred’s background is in ecology and human ecology and his growing journey has taken him to a variety of different locations and climates including urban roof-tops and Spanish deserts. Ronja’s background is in agricultural science and education, she is interested in the whole cycle of food from seed to plate. They are both seed and plant fanatics, and are currently renting an acre of land near Buckfastleigh where they grow their seed-crops. Their mission is to adapt and develop crops to suit UK growing conditions, increase the availability of organic seed in the UK, and educate gardeners and growers in how to save their own seed. 

Irish Seed Savers

The main objective is to conserve Ireland’s very special and threatened plant genetic resources. The work focuses on the preservation of heirloom and heritage food crop varieties that are suitable for Ireland’s unique growing conditions.

Irish Seed Savers Association maintains the country’s public seed bank with over 600 non-commercially available varieties of seed. They conserve and grow heritage apple trees and other fruit tree varieties. They also run workshops throughout the year on various topics to help inform and teach others how to save seeds and grow their own food, be self-sustainable and to help encourage greater food security for future generations. They Grow, Preserve, Conserve and Share both seeds, knowledge and love for the land.

Tamar Organics 

Tamar Organics started as a small organic market garden in 1994. They offer a comprehensive range of organic vegetable and herb seed, shallot sets, garlic, seed potatoes, soft fruit, top fruit, green manures and also an extensive range of flower seeds. They also offer a small range of books for organic home gardening beginners.

Garden Organic

Garden Organic’s Heritage Seed Library (HSL) aims to conserve vegetable varieties that are not widely available. We are not a gene bank and all of our collection, once we have enough seed, will become available for our members to grow and enjoy. The collection consists of mainly European varieties, including:

  • rare landrace varieties, which are adapted to specific growing conditions.
  • heirloom varieties that have been saved over many generations. These are unique to the Heritage Seed Library catalogue.
  • varieties that have been dropped from popular seed catalogues over the past decade. This occurs for a number of reasons; their lack of popularity with customers, their unsuitability for commercial scale production or simply the prohibitive cost of trialing and National Listing.

Brown Envelope Seeds

Supplying vegetable, grain and herb seed grown on their family farm in West Cork Ireland. All the seeds are certified organic, by the Organic Trust Ltd., they are open-pollinated, open source seeds. Also part of the Open Source Seed Initiative (OSSI).

Jekka’s Herb Farm 

The farm was born in 1984 when Jekka and Mac McVicar started to plant organic herbs on a small patch at their home in Bristol. Now they have over 650 varieties of organic herbs in their farm in Alveston. They also have the largest collection of culinary herbs in the UK in the Jekka’s Herbetum, which has the aim to educate people and future generations upon history, culinary and medicinal usage of herbs.

The Organic Gardening Catalogue

This is a company dedicated to promote organic growing for over 50 years. In their online shop you can find old and new vegetable varieties, herbs, flowers and wild flowers and more.

Seeds of Change 

Seeds of Change was founded in 1989 to make organically grown seeds available to gardens and farmers. Their aim is to preserve the heirloom seed varieties in danger of being lost. In 1997 they created an organic food line to spread the organic food culture from seeds to tables.