Most growers involved with the Seed Programme of heritage grains have seen crop emergence over the last ten days. A couple are still working towards getting the seeds into the ground!
In the mean time we are preparing an event on Lismore Sunday 16 – Monday 17th of June about growing traditional crofters’ grains and intercropping, i.e. undersowing with legumes; the event is co-organised by Soil Association Scotland and the Plant Team project of the James Hutton Institute and will include speakers such as Peter Martin, Agronomy Institute Orkney, seaking about bere. Sunday offers a croft visit and a good networking opportunity and sharing experiences for novice heritage grain growers. Book accommodation for the Sunday evening with maria@gaianet.org. Book your free place for Monday here.

Sunday 2 June : Basics of seed production and planning of seed crops in your vegetable growing scheme. Trainer will be Peter Brinch of Open Pollinated Seeds. In collaboration with Meadowsweets Organics. Location: Falkland Estate, Fife.

Saturday 3 August : Glasgow second seed saving traning session with Glasgow Community Food Network at The Concrete Garden, St Matthews Centre, 200 Balmore Road, Glasgow, G22 6LJ. This will be a basic hands-on seed saving session with a talk about how to start and run a community seed saving group.

FARM HACK with seed component. Organised by Land Workers’Alliance Scotland. Weekend of 5th October at the Big Shed in Perthshire.

If you have seed events coming up, please forward them to maria@gaianet.org so that I can share them on the website and through the mailing list for Scotland.