This Seed Week, from 24th – 28th January we invite you to take the Seed Packet Pledge.

By donating £2.50 per month – that’s the average price of a packet of seeds! – you can help sow the Seed Revolution, supporting Gaia’s Seed Sovereignty UK and Ireland Programme.

If you’d like to see a locally adapted, resilient, abundant and nutritious seed system take root across the UK and Ireland, here are a few of the ways that you can support us…



Sign up to the Seed Packet Pledge by donating the price of a seed packet – £2.50 per month – at


Buy our Seed Revolution T-shirt, which features stunning artwork by Isla Middleton. Choose between a number of different styles, designs and colours, all for £25. T-shirts are printed using water-based inks on organic cotton and can be traded in when worn out! Every sale sows a seed…


With a generous donation of £250 you could support a trainee through their Intermediate Seed Saving Training or provide all the seeds and supplies for one entire course. Knowledge of seed saving is on the brink of being lost, and yet it is vital in ensuring that the skills to select for adaptability, taste, nutrition and resilience remain in the hands of farmers. A donation of £250 restores the skill that underpins a seed revolution.


A food revolution starts with seed.

Thank you for your support!