*Application deadline Thursday, 2nd of May *

Building resilience and adaptability are a vital part of progressing seed sovereignty in the UK and Ireland. Finding the varieties which perform best in different regions of our islands is of paramount importance, both to ensure a good yield for farmers and to find the traits we would like to breed into future crops.


This will be the third year the Seed Sovereignty Programme will trial a selection of dwarf French beans. We are looking for experienced seed growers (who have completed our Year-Long Training Programme or have commensurate experience) to grow three Dwarf French Bean cultivars from seed to seed. This trial aims to find the best beans for each region of the UK and Ireland and to train growers in Participatory Variety Selection trials as a stepping stone toward Participatory Plant Breeding trials in the future.

Growers will be asked to grow three cultivars of bean from seed to seed and track their progress on the Seedlinked app. Growers can choose to grow 30 or 100 of each of each cultivar (90 or 300 plants in total), whichever will suit their growing system best. Those who grow 30 of each will be paid £30 and those who grow 100 of each will be paid £100 at the end of the season.

Applicants must agree to joining a WhatsApp group with the other growers and to use either the SeedLinked phone app or desktop version to participate in the trial.

Please see the application form below.

If you have any questions please get in touch with Richie from the Seed Sovereignty Programme: Richie@gaianet.org