Do you want to create a biodiverse and ecologically sustainable
seed system? Would you like to learn more about producing seed on your farm?

We believe that seed production is at the heart of seed sovereignty and we have been working with expert seed producers to create a hands-on training programme specifically designed for commercial growers.

Delivered in partnership with experts including The Real Seed Catalogue and Trill Farm Garden, the training programme aims to give growers the skills and knowledge they need to produce high quality seed crops. By the end of the year, growers can expect to have a well-rounded understanding of seed production, enabling them to produce seed for their own use, for  exchange or for sale to seed companies such as the Seed Coop or Tamar Organics.

The full training programme consists of 3 workshops throughout the year based in 3 different location, and will cover the fundamentals of seed production, seed crop cultivation, crop selection and harvesting and processing. You will also have the chance to visit Trill Farm Garden who produce seed alongside vegetable produce, and the Real Seed Catalogue a Wales-base open pollinated seed company.

We’re also offering a number of introductory workshops for growers who want to learn the fundamentals of seed production and how it might fit into their business.


Workshop Date Location Tutor
Introduction to Commercial Seed Production including crop cultivation Wednesday 24th April Stroud Ashley Wheeler (Trill Farm Garden)
Crop Selection for Seed Production Saturday 22nd June Trill Farm, Devon Ben Gable (Real Seeds)
Harvesting, Processing and Storage Monday 16th September Real Seeds, Pembrokeshire Ben Gable and Kate McEvoy (Real Seeds)

All of the workshops will be free to attend for agroecological growers who are committed to incorporating seed production into their work.

Places are still available for the workshops! To apply, please contact Ellen Rignell, Seed Sovereignty regional coordinator (, telling us briefly about yourself, your growing site and your experience.