The Irish Seed Savers

Moy Hill Farm, The Irish Seed Savers, Ireland

The Satisfaction of Seed Saving

Fred Groome from Vital Seeds talks about his passion for seed saving, and how it connects us to past and future. Vital Seeds is a new ecological seed company based in Devon, producing and selling open-pollinated vegetable, herb and flower seeds, for home gardeners and small-scale commercial growers.

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A Seed Saving Workshop

Taking a training for budding growers in the south west, here Kate McEvoy from the Real Seed Company tells us why The Gaia Foundation's Seed Sovereignty programme is a much needed boost to the organic and open pollinated seed industry.

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The Need for Seed in a Changing Climate

Gerald Miles, the owner of Caerwys farm, shows how climate change is affecting farming along the Pembrokeshire coastline and why seed diversity is critical for resilience to climate change. Gerald is one of a number of farmers who are looking for agro-ecological seed that will perform well in a variety of conditions.

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The Problem with Hybrid Seed

Ben Gabel from the Real Seed Company in Wales tells us why hybrid seed is a dead end. The Real Seed Company have been selling agroecological seed varieties to farmers and growers across the UK and beyond for seventeen years. They run the Real Seed Catalogue so you can make purchases easily online.

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