Commercial Growers 29 October 2018

Another well attended Seed Training in Scotland: “Loved it”

After the well-attended and well-received Basic Seed Production Training Day in Newton Dee this summer (see report on this website) and a seed saving workshop on the Black Isle in September, a third training was given,  aiming at comercial growers and seed savers in the Central Belt last Saturday, the 3rd of November at the […]

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Commercial Growers 28 January 2022

Beans and Peas of Scotland

Scotland’s beautiful landscape is in part thanks to the huge amount of wind and rainfall we receive compared to the rest of the UK. At the time of writing there are no Scottish vegetable seed producers. This has the knock-on effect seeds that Scottish growers are forced to buy from elsewhere are unlikely to do […]

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Crofting 19 November 2018

Helping the Rye-volution: Crofter-to-Crofter Seed Practice Day

A small but determined and engaged group of crofters from the isle of Lismore in Argyle and from Lochaber undertook the long journey to Uist last weekend, braving  ferry cancellations and road closures.  The aim: to learn about cereal seed growing in a crofting context, i.e. for small-scale producers in the north west of Scotland.  […]

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Commercial Growers 07 December 2018

We meet Maria Scholten & Poyntzfield Herb Nursery in Scotland

Where did your passion for seed start? Gardening on the Canadian prairies for a while under semi-arid conditions, my biodynamically trained farmer friend Ginie would recommend biological locally produced seeds because of their strength.  That was one of the first occasions I started thinking about seed and ‘local adaptation inside a seed’. The Canadian BAFTA […]

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Events 04 June 2019

heritage grains and vegetable seed training in Scotland

HERITAGE GRAINS EVENT Most growers involved with the Seed Programme of heritage grains have seen crop emergence over the last ten days. A couple are still working towards getting the seeds into the ground! In the mean time we are preparing an event on Lismore Sunday 16 – Monday 17th of June about growing traditional […]

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Get Growing 14 March 2019

More than just a name! Maria Scholten explains How the culture in agriculture is being lost and why reskilling in seed saving is more critical than ever

To mark Seed Week here in Scotland, it feels only fitting to begin with a celebration of our national staple: the potato. There are potato – or “tattie” – days galore this month. Just a fortnight ago, 500 people attended the Potato Day on the Black Isle organised for the ninth consecutive year by Transition […]

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