Lincolnshire Seeds
Community groups 02 March 2023

We are the Seeds

To close our Seed Gathering 2023 we were joined by poet and performer Liv Torc who gave her powerful, inspirational take on the vital work of our networks.   Hot Poets is an ambitious, award-winning, internationally focused project turned CIC, working to powerfully communicate climate change science and action through spoken word poetry. You can […]

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Chicory flower
Regional News 21 February 2023

Highlights from #SeedWeek 2023!

Below, we’ve collected some highlights of the sixth #SeedWeek. Thank you to everyone who shared on social media: we loved hearing about your seed sowing, swaps and stories. This is a hopeful time in the northern hemisphere with new shoots peeking above the soil, tickled by spring. If you’re feeling inspired to sow a food […]

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Commercial Growers 08 February 2023

Chicory Mania Grips the Nation

A Special Podcast for #SeedWeek Chicory is an unsung crop in the UK and Ireland. It comes in many forms and flavours, from striking red and white bitter radicchios to delicately sweet and tender witloofs with much more in between. Grab yourself a cuppa and join our Scotland Seed Sovereignty coordinator, Richie Walsh, in conversation […]

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