Seed Week 07 March 2024

Seed Week Round Up

During #SeedWeek 2024, we took a glimpse into what becomes possible when we restore our relationship with seed. From the joy of breeding diverse populations, to the magic of seed swaps and alternative grain economies grounded in friendship and collaboration. Seed Week highlighted how by growing and saving our own seed here in the UK and […]

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Join the Seed Sovereignty Team as Regional Coordinator for Southern England!

We’re looking for a southern based seed enthusiast to take up the role of Regional Coordinator for the Seed Sovereignty Programme! Closing date 5pm on Monday 25th March. The Seed Sovereignty Programme, which began in 2017, facilitates the development of a biodiverse and resilient seed system in the UK and Ireland through building networks, providing […]

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Podcast 01 March 2024

Podcast: Seeds for the Future

In this 3-part series, created for #SeedWeek 2024, Wales coordinator Katie Hastings explores how seeds adapt to their climate and why seed sovereignty is so important when facing a future of climate chaos. Listen below, on Spotify, Apple, or wherever you get your podcasts!

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Ireland 29 February 2024

Where Giants Grow

Stories and seeds have grown hand in hand since the dawn of agriculture. Just as stories need to be told so as not to be forgotten, seeds must be sown so as not to be lost.   In the parish of Glendale, on Scotland’s Isle of Skye, folk talk of a giant cabbage once grown […]

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Families growing
Commercial Growers 27 February 2024

Northern Seed Stories

For Seed Week, our Northern England Coordinator, Catherine Howell, has gathered stories from some of the wonderful people she is lucky enough to share the region with. Scroll away, or skip to a chapter that catches your eye: Chapter 1 – Growing a seed library, Toxteth Chapter 2 – Potato Day, Norton Chapter 3 – […]

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Commercial Growers 21 February 2024

Outdoor Blight Resistant Tomato Trial

Application deadline Thursday 21st of March The Seed Sovereignty Programme is pleased to announce a partnership with one of the UK’s top tomato breeders, Simon Crawford. Simon is the breeder of many modern tomato cultivars including the fully blight resistant ‘Crimson Crush’ F1. He has since developed two Open Pollinated lines using Crimson Crush F1 as one […]

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Ireland 20 February 2024

Handing over the baton as Coordinator for Ireland

Jason Horner reflects on his time as Seed Sovereignty Coordinator for Ireland sharing the lessons gifted and learned. The role will be in safe and familiar hands with Richie Walsh, previous Coordinator for Scotland, joining as our new Coordinator for Ireland. It seems like only the other day I was writing my first blogpost as […]

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Seed Matters 06 February 2024

Looking forward to Seed Week

As we enter into 2024, there is a growing sense of urgency for decisive change. Conflict, social unrest, climate breakdown and biodiversity collapse are all happening – now. So now is a time for radical transformation into a new regenerative future.   And that future starts with seed.  As the days become longer and signs of […]

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North England 07 November 2023

Building a Seedarium!

Coordinator for Northern England Catherine Howell guides us through how to create a captivating and portable display for your seeds… One of the challenges with promoting seed sovereignty at public events is displays – seeds are very small and tables often very big and flat!  Creating an impact, and enticing people’s curiosity, can be challenging.  […]

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In the Media 09 October 2023

Growing Calls For Crop Diversity

Katie Hastings, Seed Sovereignty Coordinator for Wales, and Gerard Miles, both co-founders of Llafur Ni, feature in a new video from the Financial Times on the increasing need for crop diversity. The Financial Times (FT) investigates the downside of our drive for increased yields from monocultures suited to industrial farming. The devastation of diversity, from […]

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