Training & Events

Check in here for programme-wide events.  For more news on local network trainings and workshops delivered by the team, please contact your closest coordinator – find out how to reach them on our Contact Us page. All in-person events are subject to local guidance on Covid-19 safety procedures and are liable to be cancelled or rescheduled at short notice during the pandemic. Please watch out for regular updates for programme events you have signed up for.

 ‘Our Seeds are Our Stories’ 2 – Special Seed Week Event

For many of us, our connection to seeds runs much deeper than just the practicalities of food production. Our seeds represent hard work, the growing season to come, and belief that we can build a better future. The journeys seeds take and the challenges they face are reflections of our own journeys and challenges.

Join us for a special evening celebrating seed with guests Col Gordon, a specialist grain grower in the Scottish Highlands, Ione Maria Rojas, who has been exploring her mixed heritage, working across the UK and Mexico, and Dennis Touliatos of the Lancaster Seed Library.

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