To celebrate Seed Week 2021, on Wednesday 20th January Gaia’s Seed Sovereignty Programme and partners hosted Our Seeds are Our Stories, an online storytelling event¬†featuring Vivienne Sansour of the Palestine Heirloom Seed Library and Kimberley Bell, founder of the UK Grain Lab.

Learn more about the power and importance of seed in the UK and beyond.

Every seed has a story of origin, of history and of the land. Often the journeys seeds take and the challenges they face are reflections of our own journeys and challenges. Our seeds represent hard work, the growing season to come, and belief that we can build a better future. Our Seeds are Our Stories.

A joint event hosted by The CSA Network UK, The Seed Sovereignty Programme run by The Gaia Foundation, The Landworkers Alliance, and the Organic Growers Alliance, this webinar forms part of an ongoing series funded by Farming the Future.


In her presentation Vivienne Sansour talks about the vision and quiet work of Esiah Levy, who shared seeds with people all over the work for free. Esiah’s life was tragically cut short but you can watch his story here. The Gaia Seed Sovereignty Programme was lucky to meet him and help share his inspirational legacy through this film.