With Spring in full swing, we’re welcoming our first cohort of growers from the West of England onto our year long training programme in Seed Production!

Last week, twelve agroecological growers began their journey to learn more about seed production and how they can incorporate it into their businesses.

The training programme kicked off with an inspiring workshop from Ashley Wheeler of Trill Farm Garden who produces seed for the Real Seed Catalogue. We covered everything from plant botany, through to crop cultivation and care, and even had a chance to take part in practical demonstrations on how to clean seed crops. The highlight of the training day were all of the case studies and examples of seed crops Ashley has produced at Trill, particularly looking at how he fits producing seed crops into a busy market garden.

Our next workshop will be led by Ben Gabel from Real Seeds and which will focus on Crop Selection for Seed Production.

If you’re interested in getting trained in Seed Production, get in touch with your local coordinator to find out more information.