Commercial Growers 06 December 2018

An Interview with David Price at the Seed Cooperative, Lincolnshire

Where did your passion for seed start? I guess my passion is really for diversity and that is what has fired my enthusiasm for open pollinated seed and seed sovereignty.  I have worked all my life in ecological systems where diversity is effectively nature’s programming language – without it natural systems breakdown.  My work on […]

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Commercial Growers 20 July 2021

Lunch at Mr Bean’s

Northern England Seed Sovereignty Coordinator Charlie Gray has lunch at Professor Colin Leakey’s house and delves deep into the world of magic beans… I had an unusual May bank holiday this year. Curious to learn more about the incredible work of Professor Colin Leakey, his wife Susan and daughter Tamsin invited me to their family […]

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Commercial Growers 19 April 2022

‘So You Want to Start a Seed Coop?’ Week 3 – Growing, Harvesting & Processing

If you’re at the stage of wanting to sell your seed, you’ll probably have your seed growing, harvesting, and processing down to a fine art right? Well, when doing these collectively there are a few things to look out for. Wales Coordinator Katie Hastings discusses…   Actually growing the seed should be the easy bit, […]

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Commercial Growers 18 July 2018

Scotland Seed Training Day a Great Success

“Inspired to extend seed saving practice.” “I found the course very interesting and it was presented in an interesting and accessible way.” “The networking part of this day was really worthwhile coming for.” These were some of the comments by participants at the well-attended Seed Production Training day at Newton Dee. Participants came from Aberfeldy, […]

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Commercial Growers 06 March 2019

Train as a Seed Producer! West of England

  Do you want to create a biodiverse and ecologically sustainable seed system? Would you like to learn more about producing seed on your farm? We believe that seed production is at the heart of seed sovereignty and we have been working with expert seed producers to create a hands-on training programme specifically designed for […]

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Commercial Growers 14 July 2021

A Seed-Saving Year at Leen Organics – June

In this latest installment Jason marvels at the magnificence of the mid-summer sun, reflects on the unruliness of radishes and prepares to scale the heady heights of the harvest yet to come.   It’s June 9th and the lessons are coming thick and fast this month.  The first big one is that despite tying and […]

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