A Special Podcast for #SeedWeek

Chicory is an unsung crop in the UK and Ireland. It comes in many forms and flavours, from striking red and white bitter radicchios to delicately sweet and tender witloofs with much more in between.

Grab yourself a cuppa and join our Scotland Seed Sovereignty coordinator, Richie Walsh, in conversation with Ashley Wheeler from Trill Farm and Tom Booth from East Neuk Market Garden about all things chicory:

We discuss what chicory is and why you would want to grow it on your farm, garden or allotment; the great diversity of cultivars; including some of our favourites; the challenges and opportunities of growing chicory as a seed crop on our islands; and some of our favourite ways of enjoying these unusually bitter leaves.

Chicory seeds


Photos: Ashley Wheeler

Title Card art: Isla Middleton

Music: Domenico Modugno, La Cicoria