Watch Gaia’s latest film – Llafur Ni (Our Grains)– about a farmer’s 20-year quest to find and revive the Welsh black oats his grandfather once grew.

Welsh organic farmer Gerald Miles has been on an epic quest to rediscover the rare black oats his grandfather once grew in Pembrokeshire fields overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

For a long time it looked like his search would be in vain, and that the black oats were gone for good… then he met Owen Shires and Iwan Evans Coedfadre.

Llafur Ni tells the story of how Gerald finally found the lost black oats, thanks to the emergence of a new network of Welsh growers who are starting a wider grain revival in Wales.


Watch Llafur Ni, a new film from The Gaia Foundation and filmmaker/photographer Andy Pilsbury, and enjoy Andy’s beautiful photos in our Llafur Ni interactive story: 

Released on January 20th 2021 during Seed Week, Llafur Ni explores the significance of boosting grain diversity in a time of climate crisis.

Filmed in Welsh with English subtitles, it epitomises how and why reviving seed diversity is a transformational act, helping to re-value and pass on the language, skills and culture that have enabled farmers and rural communities to thrive for generations in Wales, and around our living planet.

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