Regional News 01 August 2018

East Anglia Growers Build on Seed Growing Experience

East Anglia already has a strong emerging movement of sustainable community food including several horticultural projects, community supported agriculture (CSA) and community gardens providing local produce and opportunities for people to get involved with where their food comes from. Representatives from several of these inspiring projects came together at the Greengrow Co-op on 22 July […]

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Crofting 21 November 2019

sìol arbhair – A Year of Heritage Grain Growing in the Highlands

Maria Scholten, Regional Coordinator for the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, has been working hard with crofters this year to bring more of the heritage grains back into rotation. Hear about her work and how to get involved: We began our grain work early this year with a visit to Uist to learn about grain […]

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Commercial Growers 27 January 2022

A seed saving year @Leen Organics, January Blog

January Blog: A seed saving year @Leen Organics Since signing off for last year at the end of October I haven’t done a whole lot outside in the garden. This became very apparent when I went back at it the second week in January. Confronting me were pepper haulm (that we had been picking from […]

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Commercial Growers 20 June 2018

Selection for Seed Production

At the dawn of agriculture, 11,000 years ago, the practice of seed saving was inseparable from the act of farming. If you didn’t save seed, you wouldn’t have any crops to grow next year – it was as simple as that. It wasn’t until very recently that farmers stopped producing seed in the UK, leaving […]

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Farming 22 November 2019

Where Have all the Grains Gone?

At the end of #seedweek – highlighting the importance of local, genetically diverse and ecologically grown seed – we hear from Katie Hastings about the work going in Wales to support grain seed sovereignty… Here in Wales, our Seed Sovereignty Programme has been working with growers and farmers on the ground who are literally sowing […]

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Commercial Growers 11 April 2022

‘So You Want to Start a Seed Coop?’ Week 2 – Records and Legalities

In this week’s instalment of ‘So You Want to Start a Seed Coop?’, our Wales Coordinator Katie Hastings talks us through the ins and outs of the Record-keeping and Legalities behind selling seed collectively…   Selling seed can seem like a minefield of legislation, but this is not impenetrable. The first thing we did at […]

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