Commercial Growers 01 August 2018

Introducing a New Generation of Growers to Seed Saving in Southeast England

On 28 July Peter Brinch, of Open Pollinated Seeds, provided a day of seed production training in Lewes to an enthusiastic group of mostly new-entrant growers. Although the eleven participants included experience from the Sussex Community Seed Bank, which is a great regional resource, most were very new to seed saving. One participant commented that […]

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Commercial Growers 20 November 2019

Two Approaches to Transforming the Seed System: The Seed Co-operative and London Freedom Seed Bank

The Seed Co-operative and London Freedom Seed Bank are two organisations working hard to transform the seed system and get other people engaged in seed saving. We explore their innovative methods and hear about some recent events. Seed Co-operative Members Day at Waltham Place The Seed Co-operative’s mission is to sow the seeds of a […]

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Brewing 14 October 2021

Introducing the Seed Revolution Tee!

A collaboration with artist Isla Middleton for the Seed Gathering 2021 Introducing our Seed Revolution t-shirt range! A stunning set of eco t-shirts born out of the Seed Sovereignty UK and Ireland Programme, which is bringing diversity and resilience back to our seed system. We believe that a food revolution starts with seed.  TAKE ME TO THE […]

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Regional News 01 August 2018

East Anglia Growers Build on Seed Growing Experience

East Anglia already has a strong emerging movement of sustainable community food including several horticultural projects, community supported agriculture (CSA) and community gardens providing local produce and opportunities for people to get involved with where their food comes from. Representatives from several of these inspiring projects came together at the Greengrow Co-op on 22 July […]

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Crofting 21 November 2019

sìol arbhair – A Year of Heritage Grain Growing in the Highlands

Maria Scholten, Regional Coordinator for the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, has been working hard with crofters this year to bring more of the heritage grains back into rotation. Hear about her work and how to get involved: We began our grain work early this year with a visit to Uist to learn about grain […]

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Commercial Growers 04 November 2021

A seed saving year @ Leen Organics, October

As the October sun sets on his final installment Jason reflects on the lessons and learning of the last year, his resolutions for the next and the seed savers gift of second chances.. The first week in October started dank and humid (very humid) and it rained a lot. There was an expectation that this […]

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