Over the past year, the Seed Sovereignty Programme has worked with engineer/crofter/baker Adam Veitch who has designed and prototyped a human-scale oat dehuller to address a persistent problem for oat growers in our networks – how do we get hulls off oats on a small scale? Here we present Adam’s work and designs for the Tiny Oat Collider, his response to this persistent problem. Adam and the Seed Sovereignty Programme are able to open source these designs and make them available free to everyone thanks to the support of our funders.

Adam launched his Tiny Oat Collider at our 2021 Seed Gathering, detailing the design process, build and testing:



Project Documentation

1. Oat Dehuller Overview

Complete instructions for making a small oat dehuller – nicknamed the “tiny oat
collider”. The dehuller is a vertical shaft impact dehuller.


2. Dehuller Drawing Set


3. CAD Files

DWG files to be used with CAD program.

4. Croft- and small-scale Equipment Research